Don’t Make These Pallet Racking Mistakes

Warehouse Pallet Racking

If this is your 1st time working with pallet racking & you would like to learn from the mistakes of others, we like the way you think!

To make things easier we have come up with some of the major mistakes we come across related to pallet racking. Hopefully, these tips will help you avoid making such blunders.

Picking the wrong pallet racking just because it is cheap:

Certain kinds of pallet racking are more affordable to purchase & install relying on the complexity of the unit. However, if critical aspects like the size, weight and shape of the stock haven’t been taken into consideration, you may experience a downside regarding long term profitability.

Not thinking about expansion at the beginning:

One certain thing regarding warehouse storage is its steady changing nature. The number & type of items stocked can change time to time, so it’s wise to plan for expansion at the beginning.

Not comprehending that racking should correlate pallet size and weight:

The size & possible load of the pallets to be stored will determine the kind of pallet racking that will be needed. Having the below-listed info to hand will help your pallet racking supplier give you a precise quotation:

Load capacity level
Size of warehouse space available
Any height restrictions
Type of forklift truck you plan to invest in

Not understanding that even small damage is significant:

Novices to the pallet racking industry may not realize that any damage to racking could decrease its load handling ability. Also what seems to be negligible damage could have a significant impact on the structure of the racking.

Some damages are more serious & deserve instant attention. If welds, pins or bolts are busted, they must be replaced immediately. It’s critical that you have a system in place where any damage regardless of apparent severity, is taken seriously.

If a forklift impacts any part of the racking & consequence in considerable damage to the shape of any part of the racking, that part should be replaced straight away.

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