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Used Pallet Racking for Sale in Melbourne

The need for maximized storage space is one of the essential things you need for your warehouse. With several products and accessories needing to be stored, partitioning the storage rooms for space-saving and efficiency is critical. Warehouses and storage facilities use different sorts of storage units, with used pallet racking Melbourne being the most popular among them. The best pallet racking system can enhance your business productivity in several ways.

Reliable, Used Pallet Racking for Melbourne Businesses

Regardless of whether you are looking for new or used pallet racking for warehousing or retail shelving, we can cater to all your business needs. As an alternative to new, Ready Rack also offers second hand or used pallet racking Melbourne for sale.

Save on costs with our used pallet racking Melbourne! We often stock used pallet racking and storage systems with minor scratches from the previous usage. At Ready Rack, we can supply you with high-quality, used pallet racking solutions that are as perfectly functional as our other brand new products.

Do not break your bank in purchasing the basic tools your business needs. At Ready Rack, we carry a limited amount of used pallet racking for sale in Melbourne. If you are unable to find the right racking system for your warehousing needs, our friendly and professional staff will be able to assist you. As a result, there is no need for you to struggle with reduced productivity levels just because your pallet racking system is not up to the mark.

High-quality racking systems at an affordable price range

Your storage business will enjoy the benefits of our racking solutions without digging a hole in your pocket! Thanks to Ready Rack, there is no need to splurge a significant amount on used pallet racking systems. We take the time to source used/second-hand products that are still highly fit for use. We know that safety is of tremendous importance when it comes to heavy-duty storage systems. This is why we are dedicated to ensuring that all used items we stock for sale can withstand the minimal safety requirements.

Pallet Racking Melbourne – FAQs

         How much weight can be put on pallet racking?

Pallet racking systems are available in several load capacities. Factors such as the quality and type of the materials used will impact how much your rack can hold. As per Australian standards, pallet racks can bear a load from 500kg to 1,800kg. For safety reasons, it is advised to not exceed the outlined weight limit.

        Should pallet racking be fixed to the floor?

Yes, all pallet racking systems should be fixed to the floor. If done reverse of this, you are putting your team at significant risk and can face severe penalties as a result.

        How much space is needed between pallet racks?

The amount of space to be maintained will vary greatly depending on the shape and size of what is being stored. However, it is recommended to allow for at least 430mm between each rack. This will ensure that the team has maximum space to access without any issues.

At Ready Rack, we stock a limited amount of used pallet racking Melbourne for sale all year round at our warehouse. If a used item is functional and has the potential to be used the second time around, we stock it in our warehouse for our customers to place their order. Get in touch with us to see if we can help solve your storage problems at a fraction of the cost.

Pallet Racking Beam 3810mm Long

Regular price $110.00
Sale price $110.00 Regular price $130.00

Metal Louvre Panel 454mm x 1829mm

Regular price $95.00
Sale price $95.00 Regular price $120.00

Pallet Racking Barrier 838 Frame H400 - Orange

Regular price $110.00
Sale price $110.00 Regular price $145.00