Top 10 Ways to Make the Most out of Warehouse Space

Warehouse Pallet Racking

Are you running out of warehouse space in Melbourne? Does your staff spend enough time finding a stock? Are you working around constantly with that bulky item which doesn’t fit anywhere? They seem to like you need to inspect your warehouse space proficiently.

Preparing a proper plan using your business premises to maximize every centimetre of space ensures your site is functioning seamlessly. As a result, it will improve order accuracy, increase staff efficiencies, reduce stock waste, and provide a safe, working environment.

While addressing your warehouse storage challenges, it’s essential that you should take a look at the big picture. The most affordable storage solution requires you to consider workflows, the frequency of stock use, site considerations, your prospective goals and budget.

This is why professional pallet racking consultants consider an in-depth site visit. They aim to help you get the most out of your warehouse space to suit your specific requirements. Here are a few ways to increase your warehouse space:

1.Use cantilever racking solution

Versatile cantilever racking is the right solution for long or heavy loads like timber or pipes and accessories of different length. You can customize this racking as per your requirements. This racking offers easy access to products nevertheless of their size and shape.

2.Adjust the beam levels

One of the key aspects to obtain success is making sure that you’re storing air around a single item. Therefore, you can adjust beam levels which can allow several additional levels in every bay, if you know what gets used and when and improve your storage layout. Your pallet racking experts can assess, advise and adjust beam levels as per your requirements.

3.Use double deep racking

Pallets are stored double deep and accessed using specifically designed trucks. Double deep racking is designed for amazing storage capacity. It uses floor space efficiently by minimizing the number of access aisles requirements. This means forklifts will have less distance to travel.

4.Minimize aisle widths

Do your aisles have the right width? Maximum space can be done by designed aisles to be the minimum width to suit the material handling equipment you use. They can be able to operate effortlessly. Narrow aisle racking system uses regular pallet racking components.

5.Try to go vertical

Make sure you are using entire vertical space available at your warehouse. You need to ensure that it should comply with fire and emergency lighting requirements and meeting council building consent needs. In most situations, you can utilize your pallet racking to make the most out of your warehouse space.

6.Use wire mesh cages

Wire mesh cages are the right solutions for the storage of heavy and bulky items as they are sturdy and durable yet lightweight. However, they are invaluable when you need to store and move products in high volume.

7.Consider adding a level

Install a raised storage platform over the top of your current option. It is an affordable option than extending the existing floor space and a lot less disruptive. Pallet racking experts would consider height clearance above and beneath the floor, weight rating and make sure restraints and barriers are used to keep staffs safe.

8.Use wire mesh shelving

Wire mesh shelving complements long span shelving and selective pallet racking in Melbourne and, other racking solutions. They provide strong support for boxes or other non-palletized loads or loads that are not deep enough to sit on the beams.

9.Use pick bins

Parts trays, pick bins and stack-able storage boxes are available in a huge range of sizes and shapes. They can utilise the warehouse space incredibly. These accessories can be used to create different bin depths in the same bay to suit the stock size in the best way as possible.

10.Try selective pallet racking

The versatility and diverse ranges of custom options of selective pallet racking in Melbourne are perfectly suited to different storage environments that range from small facilities to large warehouses.

Do you need help with installation and experienced advice on pallet racking solutions? You should look no further than ReadyRack. Contact us today to maximize your warehouse space and improve your commercial property efficiencies!