What’s Cantilever Racking & How They Help in Storing Heavy-Duty Items

Cantilever Racking

If you’re in an industry that needs long, bulky cargos to be stored, a cantilever racking system can be a great option for you. Made of a string of single columns cantilever racking systems include outstretched arms & durable bases which create a type of shelving system for heavy, long, or strangely shaped goods that can be easily loaded. The best thing about the arms of cantilever racking in Melbourne is that they can be adjusted to different levels, offering you the luxury to keep different amounts and sizes of items. 

Conventional pallet racking comes with horizontal restrictions, whereas cantilever racking does not. This entails there’re no parallel beams that obstruct at the time of loading & unloading your equipment and goods. Since the entire length of the cantilever racking system can be used it’s so useful for storing items, especially goods of varying weights, lengths, and widths. 

Another thing that make cantilever rack superior to conventional pallet racking systems is the absence of horizontal and vertical limitations. While storing, loading or unloading of your products you don’t need to be worried about it getting damaged. Cantilever racking systems are engineered to be open & flexible, which reduces the occurrence of damaged items. 

Different types of cantilever racks:

There’re 2 different sorts of cantilever racks. Relying upon your industry, either of them may be a suitable option for you. Nevertheless, each of these systems are engineered with sturdy materials and designed to store long and large products safely. 

Roll-Formed Cantilever Rack:

i) Suitable for storing a range of products & equipment
ii) Easy placement & removal
iii) No intervention from vertical columns
iv) Offers access to one fragment of a product or an entire load at any given time.
v) Consists of 5 basic elements: bases, columns, arms, braces, and pins

Structural Cantilever Rack:

i) Engineered from structural steel I-beams

ii) Arms are attached to columns employing a firm four-bolt attachment

iii) Designed for medium to heavy-duty loads

Both roll-formed cantilever rack and structural cantilever racking systems are roll-formed & structural. Each is designed for storing a range of heavy-duty materials. 

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