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Long Span Shelving in Melbourne

Long span shelving comes in varying density of steel. ­ The thicker the steel, the more weight the shelving can withstand. We sell long span shelving of an industrial-standard - that is designed for heavy loads, common in storage warehouses. Our long span shelves are manufactured to the very best design and build.

When you buy our rock-solid, durable long span shelves - you can be confident that your products will stand strong and sturdy. Also, our long span shelving can be used as a great alternative to retail display units.

This gear is tough!

Simple to install- No tools required! To order or for a quote: Call (1300 307 229) or email (info@readyrack.net.au)

Check out our full range of Long Span Shelving with pricing to buy online 

Long Span Shelving Loads

All of our Long Span Beam Shelf levels have been independently tested here in Melbourne and now have a minimum load rating of 1000kgs UDL per shelf level.

All shelf depths 900mm and 1000mm required shelf supports. 


1000mm wide Span = 1200kgs
1500mm wide Span = 1000kgs
1800mm wide Span = 1000kgs
2100mm wide Span = 1000kgs
2400mm wide Span = 1000kgs

All bay loads are a maximum of 4000kgs.

Long Span Shelving

What are the benefits of long span shelving?

Q. Is long span shelving only available in standard sizes?
No, long span shelving frame heights are available in 2000mm or 2500mm and many size beams from approximately 1000mm up to 2400mm. We also have a steel mesh deck that can be used instead of timber shelves.

Q. Do you have a showroom?
ReadyRack showroom is located at 45 Gaine Road, Dandenong South in Victoria. Our showroom is open Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Q. Can I come to your warehouse to view the racking/shelving?
Yes, we would welcome you to our warehouse to make sure you have the correct system and size.

Q. Can I order the long span shelving over phone or email?
Yes, Orders can be taken via email and phone. Contact us on: 1300 307 229 to place an order. 

Q. Can I order Long Span Shelving online?
Yes you can, see our Shop Now for Long Span Shelving for all purchasing and pricing. 

For further information, fill in your details and we will contact you within the next 24 hours (Business Days) to assist with your requirements and provide Free Quotation.