Long Span Shelving

Long span shelving comes in varying densities of steel, depending on the load you plan on bearing.­ The thicker the steel, the more weight the shelving can withstand. At ReadyRack, we sell long span racking of an industrial standard designed for heavy loads, common in storage warehouses. Each of our products is manufactured with high-quality materials and designed with durability in mind.


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Explore the Uses of Long Span Shelving 

When you buy our rock-solid, durable long span shelves - you can be confident that your products will stand strong and sturdy. From retail display units to warehouse shelving and storage, the uses of our shelving systems are endless. Our units can be customised to fit the space you’re working with and can maximise available storage areas.

Long Span Shelving Loads

All of our long span beam shelf levels have been independently tested here in Melbourne and now have a minimum load rating of 600kgs UDL per shelf level. Note: Each level includes board supports for additional reinforcement, applicable to depths of 800mm, 900mm, and 1000mm, placed roughly 600mm apart. supports. 

Our long span shelving has a safe working load of 600kgs UDL* per shelf level and a Maximum bay load of 4000kgs

Our range of shelving loads: 

1000mm wide Span = 600kgs

1500mm wide Span = 600kgs

1800mm wide Span = 600kgs

2100mm wide Span = 600kgs

2400mm wide Span = 600kgs

Board Supports

Each level includes board supports for additional reinforcement, applicable to depths of 800mm, 900mm, and 1000mm, placed roughly 600mm apart.

Support quantities per level are as follows:

For 2400mm Wide: 5 supports per level
For 2100mm Wide: 4 supports per level
For 1800mm Wide: 4 supports per level
For 1500mm Wide: 3 supports per level
For 1000mm Wide: 2 supports per level

*Each shelf level is designed to support a maximum load of 600 kilograms with a Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL). When loading the shelves to their maximum capacity, it is essential to evenly distribute the load across the entire shelf level, including its supporting beams. We recommend following these guidelines to maintain optimal safety and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Long Span Shelving Melbourne

Is long span shelving only available in standard sizes?

No, long span shelving frame heights are available in 2000mm or 2500mm and many size beams from approximately 1000mm up to 2400mm. We also have a steel mesh deck that can be used instead of timber shelves.

Does long span garage shelving exist? 

Yes, while we don’t have a specific product designed for garages, our standard long span shelving is a great option for those looking to maximise their storage space in their garage and stay organised. 

Can I use my existing shelving system with your long span shelving systems? 

Yes, our long span shelving in Melbourne is designed to be seamlessly integrated with existing shelving systems to ensure you don’t need to outfit your entire space. Our talented design team can work with you to determine what you already have, and which of our systems will work best for your existing space. 

Contact Our Team Today

For more information on any of our products including our pallet racking and cantilever racking, contact us today. A member of our team can walk you through our product range and find out what’s best for your business.