Drive-in racking- your best compact storage solution

The Drive-in Racking System we made is known for its high-density storage solution. It also maximizes available space. Our drive-in racking gives the option to place the pallets are placed so they can slide backward on a rail. Thus you can store them deeply and create more space in the warehouse. Also, the goods kept at the highest level can easily manage to move with forklift operating aisles parallel to the racks.


Drive-in racking with only one or two-way access, can enhance the storage space. This storage system is useful when storage density desired is high, and the base capacity is low. This compact system is appropriate, where space utilization is more critical than the selectivity of stored loads. The use of adjustable pallet racks is a logistical solution that can be adapted to the dimensions of the unit loads and the forklifts. Drive in racking are efficient, corrode resistant, easy-to-assemble. With simple load level regulation, this system adapts to any product, both by weight and by volume.


The Drive-in racking system is the ideal solution for storing products of the same kind with a large number of unit loads. Our drive-in racking is a high-density pallet storage system, and we design it to maximise the storage cubic space available. We also design the drive-in racking to store the pallets mechanically and functionally that minimises the operating aisles needed for trucks. 


It is an easy-to-assemble and reset modular structure. The materials used in it are high-grade steel and are easy to maintain as well. So, when should you use Drive-in Racking? If your products to be stored need cold/freezer type storage or if you have massive amounts of similar products and limited space, then drive-in racking will probably be your best option when it comes to storage. It is also useful if you have fragile product loads that cannot be stored in block stacks. If you have numerous pallets of a similar product, drive-in racking creates more efficient use of space in a warehouse. So you can keep as many products in a limited space as possible


However, the storekeepers have to face specific challenges with this storage system. While deciding drive-in racking as a storage infrastructure, it is best to keep in mind your inventory receiving and delivering process (LIFO or FIFO) method of material handling. But with a proper store management facility, those things seem to be null. For this, the warehouse manager has to understand specific facts that include:


It requires highly skilled forklift drivers as they repeatedly enter and exit from the drive-in racking facility to deliver or retrieve products.


It also needs quality pallets since they reside on rails that hang them on each end.


It is not easy to access the internal pallets as the products may be trapped. Hence need precise planning.


The system is designed for specifically sized pallets and cannot modify easily to accommodate larger or smaller width pallets.

There is an increased potential for injury and damage due to forklift impact.


For more information and planning to make the best use of your storage space, contact us at 1300 307 229 or email us at info@readyrack.net.au today!


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