Pallet Racking Installations

To ensure the safety and compliance of your workshop, warehouse or business, your storage solutions must be installed correctly. Improper installation can result in damaged goods and workplace injuries which can seriously affect your business. In addition to supplying a wide range of storage solutions, ReadyRack is proud to offer installation services for all of their products to businesses across Melbourne and the surrounding area. All installations of pallet racking that are completed by ReadyRack are compliant with Australian Standards AS4084-2012. 

Our services also include relocations, reconfigurations, dismantles and trade ins.

Trust the Experts in Warehouse Racking Installation

Fitted out with all the correct up to date tools and equipment, our installation crews are quick and efficient, while adhering to the most stringent safety processes and procedures in the industry. Our installation crews have extensive experience in our specific product range meaning they can dismantle, install and remove your racking systems faster than if you were doing it yourself. By choosing our installation services, you can save time, money and potential safety-related accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pallet Racking Installations

Can I install my own pallet racking?

Yes you can, as long as you follow the manufacturer's instructions on assembly. Most clients request installation from us to ensure compliance with Australian Standards AS4084-2012.

Do you certify pallet racking to Australian Standards?

If the pallet racking is supplied and installed by ReadyRack, a SWL (Safe Working Load) Sign is supplied complying with the pallet racking installation Australian Standards AS4084-2012.

How can I get my pallet racking compliant with AS4084-2012?

The first step is to get a pallet racking inspection where the pallet racking and installation is assessed and any issues identified. Then have the issues fixed and a SWL Sign fitted to the pallet racking.

Contact the Professional Pallet Racking Installers

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