Designed with durable materials and versatile features, our workbench provides a sturdy surface for all your projects, from intricate crafts to heavy duty tasks. Say goodbye to clutter! Ample storage options keep your tools and materials neatly arranged and easily accessible, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your work. Our workbench enhances efficiency and comfort, making every job easier and more enjoyable. Don't wait to elevate your workspace—order your workbench today and unleash your full potential with the ultimate workbench solution.


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16 products

Workbenches Melbourne

Workbenches are the perfect addition to any workshop, warehouse or garage. They work to increase counter space while allowing access to every tool you need to complete your project. At ReadyRack, our workbenches are tough. They’re made from the highest quality materials and built to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a new workbench for sale in Melbourne, trust our team of professionals.

Single Level (with castors) Prices (Inc. GST)
1550mm long x 935mm high x 840mm deep Standard: $417.00
2770mm long x 935mm high x 840mm deep Standard: $497.00


Single Level (no castors) Prices (Inc. GST)

1550mm long x 935mm high x 840mm deep

Standard: $265.00
2770mm long x 935mm high x 840mm deep Standard: $316.00 

Choose from Heavy-Duty Pallet Rack Workbenches in Melbourne

Our selection of workbenches gives you the flexibility and versatility to seamlessly complete your tasks. Choose from our off-the-shelf stock options easily delivered directly to your business. Whether you need a garage workbench in Melbourne or a pallet-racking bench, we stock something for everyone.

We have a varied selection of long-span tables for sale in Melbourne with capabilities that include upper shelves for combined storage and creation spaces, making it a perfect addition to any warehouse or shed. These features give you many benefits, including incorporating ergonomic principles to comply with OH&S regulations to keep you safe.

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Our heavy-duty racking and workbench range holds up to a maximum load of 1000KG* (*selected benches) with 18mm thick particleboard

Work Bench On Castors

Why Choose Our Pallet Rack Workbenches?

When you invest in tools and equipment for your warehouse, we understand you’re always looking to get the best quality items built for longevity and functionality.

With our pallet rack workbenches, from our ready-to-go stock selection, you can be confident that we only supply long-lasting and well-configured items. 

The configuration of these items works in a way that offers the best possible performance for your business. When you select from our available items for sale, you can rest assured that you are getting cost-effective options that have been designed and manufactured by experts in their field.

Ensure Compliance With Our Workbenches

All of our pallet-racking workbenches are compliant with Australian Standards and meet safety guidelines, making them an ideal choice for multifunctional applications. We offer a selection of stock, including:

  • Two-tier
  • Single-tier
  • Long-span tables
  • Lockable castors
  • Cover caps

These are available in a range of widths, depths and heights.

Contact Us Today

For more information on any of our products including our pallet racking and cantilever racking, or to find out which products are best suited for your business, contact us today. A member of our team can walk you through our current workbenches in Melbourne and get your delivery scheduled at your next convenience.