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Cantilever Racking Sale in Melbourne

Cantilever racking is an essential solution for loads that must have no 'face' obstruction, so that hefty and odd sized products can be easily stored and accessed. This type of cantilever racking allows you to use your warehouse space more efficiently,­ you'll never need to clutter floor areas with annoying columns obstructing your storage space again.

You can easily fit these  systems within your facility by adjusting the height, ensuring that the most amount of vertical storage space is exploited. The open rows allow secure load support and also easy access, safety, flexibility and selective ability are all maintained to a gold standard.

ReadyRack heavy duty cantilever racking  has quickly become the 1st choice for Melbourne's leading business's.

This gear is heavy duty:

900mm long arms can hold 1500KG each. That means each row in the photo can carry 10.5 tonne across the 7 arm in each level.

1200mm long arms carry 1000KG each. 7000KG across the seven arms


All load ratings are calculated on uniform loads.

Pros of Cantilever Racking :
  • Easy loading and un-loading thanks to no 'front access' obstructions.

  • Easily adjustable height to allow for total customization.

  • Can handle a wide variety of lengths.

Our tilt locking system allows arms to be knocked from underneath without them breaking. To order or for a quote: Call (1300 307 229) or email (


Cantilever Racking FAQ's:

Q: What is cantilever rack?

A: Cantilever racks are one of the most deployed racking systems that is an ideal racking and storage system for storing furniture, steel bars, pipe and tubing, lumber and odd-sized products, heavy items that must be kept off the floor.

Q: What is the cost for new installation of cantilever racks?

A: The cost of the cantilever racks depends on the detail study and the capacity requirements. Our team of expert can furnish you with all the detail parameters that affects the complete expense of the establishment of cantilever racks storage system. We provide cantilever racks to heavy-duty and medium storage solutions. Contact us for complete information and costing for your new installation of cantilever racks storage solution in Melbourne.

Q: Why would I use Cantilever Racking?

A: It’s the ability of cantilever racking to handle huge weights and odd-sized products such as lengths of timber, steel tubing, or lengths of drainpipe, which makes it ideal for some storage applications.


Standard Stocked Sizes

Height Width (CC) Depth (arms)
3658mm 1200mm 900mm (1500kgs)
4877mm 1500mm 1200mm (1020kgs)
5740mm 1800mm



We only sell the highest quality cantilever at the best prices. For cantilever racking in Melbourne, don't purchase anything until you get a quote from us.

For further information, fill in your details and we will contact you within the next 24 hours (Business Days) to assist with your requirements and provide Free Quotation.

New & Used Cantilever Racking

New and used cantilever shelves provide a convenient solution for storing bulky, awkward, or irregular shaped items that are difficult to place in conventional shelving systems.

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Across Australia, Ready Rack is the premier provider of the most efficient solutions for a wide range of storage needs, including handling even the heaviest loads without compromising quality and performance. Our products are always at the forefront of technology, with the capability to handle a wide range of environments and revolutionise workplace practices.

Cantilever Racking for Versatile Storage

It is most common to see this kind of shelving used in timber yards; however, other industries that store stock and heavy items also appreciate the application of this popular shelving solution. We have found that these space-saving shelves are popular due to their versatility, value for money, and features, including:

  • Flexible and fully adjustable
  • Suitable for heavy loads
  • Providing larger vertical space
  • To allow for easier access and handling
  • Improving productivity
  • Easy to assemble.

Depending on your needs, you can choose medium or heavy-duty cantilever racking with side loading that is bilateral, unilateral or combined. Each set consists of two braces, two arms, and two bases – all of which can be easily assembled.

It is well-known that these systems are adaptable as they have an independent structure with adjustable arms and are made of structural steel and powder coated and hot-dipped galvanised for use indoors and outdoors. Combined, this makes them an excellent choice for warehouses with a high stock volume.

Choosing Smart Storage for Your Business

The type and weight of items you wish to store will determine whether you require heavy-duty or medium-duty storage solutions. For example, a medium-duty option is often the best choice for storing plywood, tubing, extrusions, timber, or chipboard.

Additionally, heavy-duty shelving is an excellent choice for loading and unpacking materials of the same size and shape as the medium option. Depending on the arm lengths, it can hold up to 7000kg across seven arms.

Once you have determined the extent of your stock, then you can confidently decide what loading capacity is suitable for your ongoing needs.

Expert Professionals Bringing you Customised Solutions

At Ready Rack, we offer exceptional customer service when you speak with our highly experienced team of experts. We always collaborate with you and keep communication open to choose suitable layouts and heavy-duty timber racking systems for your warehouse. Knowing your workflow and preferences helps us find the best results for optimum efficiencies.

The first thing we do is take the correct measurements, determine precisely what they will be used for, and take your budget into consideration to design a bespoke heavy-duty cantilever shelving system that's suited to your needs.

Whether you're in the market for a new or used system and want to learn more about the solutions our team can provide for your business, give our team of professionals a call on 1300 307 229 or contact us online.