Mezzanine Floor

Transform your space and maximize your efficiency with our premium Mezzanine Floors. Whether you are looking to optimize storage, create additional office space, or enhance your retail environment, our mezzanine floors offer a versatile solution to your spatial challenges.

Mezzanine Floor


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  • Rollover Gate for Mezzanine 1694mm Wide x 2100mm High

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  • Balustrade Panel with Post

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  • Balustrade Flange Corner Post

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Looking for a project design: 

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Mezzanine Floors Melbourne

As a business grows the requirement for space becomes a high demand. A mezzanine floor is a great solution for businesses looking to expand their storage space, without relocating or paying additional fees for storage. 

The uses of factory mezzanine floors are endless. From factories, to warehouses to additional staffing areas, the additional space brought on by this layout can allow you to make better use of your existing space. 

At ReadyRack, we offer two main types of mezzanine floors in Melbourne. We offer  clear span mezzanine and rack supported floors.

Mezzanine Floor

Clear Span Mezzanine

Made from steel beams and purlins, clear span mezzanine shelving offers great clearance between columns which allows for bigger open areas underneath. Plaster walls and ceilings can be easily built to create showrooms and offices. Our mezzanine barriers and mezzanine floor kits are ideal for businesses looking for the complete installation package. 

If your business space has high ceilings but limited floor space, you may want to consider clear span warehouse mezzanine floors.

Rack Supported Floor

Rack supported floors use pallet racking as the main structure, and add a floor on top. The pallet racking provides uprights for shelving to be added creating underneath storage and can be continued through the top flooring even up three floor levels high. The additional mezzanine storage ensures no space is wasted in the design of your warehouse or business space and allows you full control over how much or how little shelving you require. 

All mezzanine floors that are designed, supplied and installed by ReadyRack are engineered and constructed to the 2019 NCC and relevant Building Codes and supplied with Engineered Certified Computations. 

Key Features:

Maximise Your Space: Effectively double your usable space without the need for costly building extensions. Ideal for warehouses, workshops, offices, and retail environments.

Customized Design: We make unique designs that fit your space perfectly and blend in with your current layout.

Quality: We use strong steel to build our mezzanine floors, ensuring durability and safety for heavy loads. Quality materials guarantee long-lasting performance.

Installation Experience: Our skilled team will install your new space quickly and efficiently. We aim to minimise disruption to your daily routine. This will allow you to start using your new space sooner.

Cost-Effective Solution: Save on relocation or expansion costs by making the most of your current space. Our mezzanine floors provide a budget-friendly alternative to traditional construction methods.

Versatile Applications: Suitable for a variety of uses, including additional storage, production areas, office spaces, or even showrooms.

Why Choose Our Mezzanine Floors?

We engineer our mezzanine floors to meet the highest standards of safety and quality. We help you from design to installation, making sure every detail meets your needs. We create our mezzanine floors to maximize your space. They provide a practical and stylish solution for businesses that want to expand efficiently.

Customer Testimonials:

"Installing a mezzanine floor was the best decision we made for our warehouse. It doubled our storage capacity without any need for construction. Highly recommend!" - John D.

"Our new mezzanine floor has given us the extra office space we needed. The process was seamless, and the quality is outstanding. Excellent service!" - Sarah P.

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