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Selective Pallet Racking

Selective pallet racking is the most common used pallet racking in warehouses and factories across Australia. Being one of the most versatile pallet racking systems it can be made to suit all types and sizes of pallets. It has a vast range of beam lengths from 1372mm (1 pallet wide) to 3810mm (3 pallet wide). Depending on the pallet weight, size and designed, depths can range from 610mm to 1219mm deep.

Being open faced racking, every pallet has a 100% selectivity allowing instant access without having to move any other pallets. 

Beam profiles start from 50mm open beams used for picking or shelving up to 160mm boxed beams to support 4000kg per pallet.

Additional beams and bays can be added whenever required without having to remove or relocate the existing racking. Please ensure you check with the supplier of the design loads before adding or removing any beams or frames. The structure will have been designed according to the pallet type, sizes, weights and handling equipment and brand load limits.


Q. What sizes of pallet racking beams are there?

The most common sizes of beams are 1372mm, 2591mm, 2743mm, 3048mm, 3658mm and 3810mm. All beams come in different profiles that determine the Safe Working Loads of each span. Your pallet racking must be designed and supplied to the requirements of not just what you are storing, but the handling equipment that you will be using to access the pallets.

Q. How high can pallet racking be?

Pallet Racking frames can be supplied to any height required, as long as its within the height of your building. It is a good idea to check the lift height of your forklift to give an indication on the required height of the pallet racking frames. 

Q. What type of pallet racking will suit my warehouse?

It will depend on a few factors:

  • What handling equipment will you be using
  • How many SKU's you have
  • What sized pallets you have
  • How many pallets you need to store
  • What sized building you have
  • How often you need to access the pallets

It is always important to speak to a storage specialist to help design the correct and most efficient storage system for your needs. If you need help with this, please feel free to contact us for an obligation free design and quotation of 1300 307 229 

For further information, fill in your details and we will contact you within the next 24 hours (Business Days) to assist with your requirements and provide Free Quotation.

Reach New Heights with Selective Pallet Racking

We help your business take new strides with the right type, size, weight and load limitations of selective pallet racking and storage for your warehouse. Among our services that make this achievable, we enable you to securely store materials and present your business with a customised approach that directly meets your needs.

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To adequately meet the needs of businesses across many industries, we recognise the importance of staying on top of technology while remaining compliant with Australian Safety Standards. Given this, we sell an extensive array of drive-in and cool room shelves, narrow-aisle and double deep shelving, and accessories that take an innovative approach to stock management.

Selective Pallet Racking – Versatile, Efficient & Economical

The advantage of open-faced shelving lies in the fact that it enables 100% selectivity, easy access, and increased efficiencies without the need to move other materials or objects.

When choosing from our selection of shelving, the layout can be configured to make the best use of your available space, accounting for the horizontal and vertical footprint of your space. The selective pallet racking system we fill your area with uses welded beam connectors to secure your load. Your shelving system will also have a depth anywhere between 610mm and 1219mm, depending on available parameters.

When deciding on the configuration of your frames and how high you want to take them, it's essential you have the capacity to reach them to manage your stock. Not all machinery is designed to reach large heights, so we recommend checking the capabilities of your forklifts before finalising your choice.

Along with helping your businesses with custom-designed products and user-friendly layouts, our super-friendly team also manage installation and delivers directly to your location.

Find the Right Storage System for your Warehouse

As part of our varied and extensive services, our team can also help you feel at ease knowing that our team consistently manages your safety. They achieve this by following all guidelines and doing twelve monthly checks of your storage shelves.

Aside from safety being our focus, we also maximise floor space using refined options. We work in this way because we believe that a well-configured layout plan will contribute to increased efficiencies and reduce handling time in your warehouse.

When we help you find the right storage options for your business, costs vary depending on the number of systems you require. However, we remain dedicated to offering you competitive prices for customised solutions.

Our customer service team and our technical support technicians are always ready to help you with any questions that may arise before, during, and after your purchase. With our combined experience, we know how to give your workplace all it needs to maintain the capacity of stock you require access to on an ongoing basis and into the future.

Get in touch with us or begin your purchase with a simple click of the button, and we will deliver your products directly to you. Alternatively, you can visit our showroom in Dandenong South and see how sturdy our packing storage and shelving is.