Warehouse Racking and Shelving Design

When purchasing from our storage solutions, you get high-quality functional designs that create
possibilities and a secure, practical approach to storing stock. Besides being experts in industrial shelves,
you're also getting the assistance of a specialist team that can construct and install an industrial pallet
racking system to maximise efficiency for your workplace.

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Regardless of what you require for a functional set-up, our team are on hand to professionally assist you with composition, installation and yearly checks to ensure the racks remain safe for ongoing use.

Shelving & Pallet Racking Systems for Businesses

Our expert team has a level of expertise that delivers precise results that help enhance your daily actions for storehousing. We are pleased to supply neat, sturdy pallet shelves that are spacious, allow for seamless organisation and make use of your roof height, increasing productivity as a result.

Plus, we supply and install a range of options, including combined loading cantilevers, workbenches, mezzanine floors, long-span shelving, and so much more.

Benefits of Seamless Organisation Choices

Certified to Australian Steel Standards AS4084 - 2012 is just one of the many benefits of adding our pallet racking system to your warehouse.

When we look at coordinating shelves for your industrial space, we configure a layout that helps keep your stock contained. This layout also works to hold more items simultaneously and makes them easier to retrieve as needed. Aside from those benefits, our organisation systems are:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Can hold a heavy load capacity
  • Make good use of vertical space
  • They are easily adjustable.

Whether you need to store mechanics, packaging, hardware, farming equipment or other items, we have a warehouse storage solution that's the right fit and configuration to hold your required load. Plus, being one of the first to offer a drive-in solution where you can safely retrieve items with a forklift or other industrial machinery.

With our commitment to quality products and achieving maximum results, we deliver only the best powder-coated and hot-dipped galvanised products for both indoor and outdoor use.

Your Leading Supplier of Storage Shelves

With designs engineered to meet individual needs, our comprehensive range of options is ideal for a number of requirements, from storing timber, carpet, fruit and veg, and so much more.

Delivering to our clients is another part of what we offer, along with opening our doors to those interested in our systems and who want to see them in person before making a decision. With our commitment to working closely with our customers and providing seamless communication, we can build custom solutions together.

We have a team of experts available to assist businesses with shelving requirements and encourage you to ask how we can help you move forward with maintaining storage needs and further increase stock productivity.

Contact us for a direct quote or visit us on-site and choose from our fully stocked warehouse in Dandenong South. Our specialisation is your gain when we customise solutions for your ongoing warehouse shelving requirements.

Longspan Shelving Starter Bay With 4 Levels

Regular price $265.00
Sale price $265.00 Regular price
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Pallet Racking Work Bench 2 - 2770W x 840D x 935H With Bottom Shelf + With Castors

Regular price $650.00
Sale price $650.00 Regular price
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Long Span Shelving Package With Tubs 2000mm High

Regular price $610.00
Sale price $610.00 Regular price
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Workshop Storage System 3250

Regular price $1,899.00
Sale price $1,899.00 Regular price
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Rollover Gate for Mezzanine 1694mm Wide x 2100mm High

Regular price $770.00
Sale price $770.00 Regular price
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Longspan Add On Bay With 4 Levels

Regular price $205.00
Sale price $205.00 Regular price
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Mobile Shelving 2150mm (h) x 2400mm (l)

Regular price $633.00
Sale price $633.00 Regular price
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Longspan Shelving Starter Bay With 3 Levels

Regular price $226.00
Sale price $226.00 Regular price
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The leading
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Warehouse Pallet

More than just a pallet racking supplier! Our service includes a complete range of important additions other than designing and supplying high quality pallet racking, cantilever racking, long span shelving, warehouse racking and workbenches.

We are also one of the few racking companies in Australia to have their Drive In Racking certified by an Australian engineering company.

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