Five Safety Tips for Using Used Pallet Racking

Five Safety Tips for Using Used Pallet Racking

When used correctly, used pallet racking can transform your warehouse and save your business from additional expenses. Designed to hold heavy and irregular shaped inventory, pallet racking is a versatile solution that can be customised to whatever your business needs. As it’s designed to store oversized and heavy loads, it’s important to take additional precaution to ensure everyone in your warehouse space stays safe. Here are five safety tips to keep in mind when using used pallet racks:

1. Install your system correctly

Safety starts with proper installation. Before you start to install the system, you need to make sure that the floor of your warehouse is level and has the strength to withstand the weight of the heavy pallet racks. You need to ensure that the frames have perfect installation and are fixed firmly on to the ground. If you require assistance installing your pallet racks, contact our installation team.

2. Ensure each component is cared for

There are various components in the pallet racks and every part has a significant role to play so that the entire structure has a stable formation. If any of the components malfunction, then the stability of the pallet rack will be at stake. You need to regularly check the upright frames, beams, pallets, braces, shims, timber and wired decking to ensure that they are in working order. In the event any of the components of your system becomes damaged, unload your inventory and call us to book a repair or replacement.

3. Label your system

As there are weight limitations associated with your pallet racking, you need to clearly label them on your system. By labelling your racks, anyone loading or unloading inventory can take notice and ensure these limits aren’t exceeded. Exceeding any weight limitation can result in an unstable shelving unit, which can put those around it at risks. 

4. Install safety nets

You can use a wire net or mesh to cover the external side of the pallet racks. Items stored in racks are themselves heavy and if they fall on someone, there can be severe injuries. By installing a net or mesh, you can ensure that the items in the pallet racks will not fall off even if there is an accident. 

5. Maintain your warehouse

To ensure your racking system stays compliant and safe, you need to care for the entire warehouse they are installed in.  There must be enough space so that employees can move comfortably with lifts to place heavy items on the racks. 

If you’re installing used pallet racking, be sure to follow these safety steps and see how effective used racks can be to store your items.

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