Five safety tips to keep in mind while using used pallet racks

Five safety tips to keep in mind while using used pallet racks

The mighty arms of used pallet racking in Melbourne from us at ReadyRack have held loads effectively in many factories and business warehouses. However, when we work with heavy commodities, it is wise to follow safety rules meticulously to avoid any accident or mishaps. The injuries can be fatal. Here we share five safety tips, which need to absolute adherence when you use used pallet racking system.

Proper installation of the system

If you have not taken care of adequately installing the used pallet racks, then it is useless to think about safety norms. If your foundation is not strong, following any safety norms will not help you to avoid accidents. Before you start to install the system, you need to make sure that the floor of your warehouse is level and has the strength to withstand the weight of the heavy pallet racks. The frames are the pillars of the racks. You need to ensure that the frames have perfect installation and fixed firmly on to the ground. If you are with us, then we provide that you have the best installation of the used racks

Proper care of all the components

There are various components in the pallet racks and every part has a significant role to play so that the entire structure has a stable formation. If any of the components malfunctions, then the stability of the pallet rack will be at stake. You need to, regularly check the upright frames, beams, pallets, braces, shims, timber and wired decking to ensure that there is no flaw present. If you notice any damaged parts, then you need to call us immediately so that we can replace them avoid any mishap to happen. Moreover, if you see any protruding nails or broken stringers, you need to have those rectified immediately.

Labelling the pallet racking system 

You cannot store any amount of load in used pallet racking in Melbourne you have from us. There are weight limitations and you need to follow those correctly. If you store excess weight, then the rack may collapse even if you have all other aspects taken care. It is wise to label the racks mentioning the weight limitations so that ones who are using the racks to store remain aware of the weight limitations.

Have a netting system in place

You can use a wire net or mess to cover the external side of the pallet racks. Having such a net, you can ensure that the items in the pallet racks will not fall off even if there is an accident. Items stored in racks are themselves heavy and if they fall on someone, there can be severe injuries. So, have such nets in place to avoid such accidents.

Maintain the warehouse properly

You need to maintain the warehouse properly so that you can have the best of the utilization of the used pallet racking in Melbourne that you have from us. There must be enough space so that employees can move comfortably with lifts to place heavy items on the racks.

Do, follow these safety steps and see how effectively used racks can be to store your items.

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