Long span shelving – an affordable way to change the efficiency of any business

Long Span Shelving

Long span shelving is mainly used as a storage shelving solution for larger goods. It comes handy where box storage needs substantial duty alternatives with lots of benefits. The most common location where this type of shelf is used would be in offices and warehouses. At ReadyRack, we have hundreds of product handling solutions, and we can help you create a flexible long span shelving package that will be extremely beneficial to your business.

What is long span Shelving?

To figure out why you need long span shelving, you must understand what it is. Long span Shelving is a special utility requirement that enables the user to store small to medium-size products manually. They are often used for storing hand-picked items like drums, boxes, and larger cartons. It also comes with many depths, widths, and heights. The long span shelving units are made of best quality steel materials to suit your requirements. It comes with the bolt free lock-in system. It ensures the support beams remain intact in the position ensuring the safety for storing operations.

What to store in Long span Shelving?

Long span Shelving provides the precise storage solution for more substantial items (odd shape item or, bulky or fragile, or the items that sometimes not be moved by conveyor belt or forklifts) that are not suitable to be stored in Pallet Racking. Long pipes, batteries, wheels, and office supplies are just some examples that can be store in long-span shelving’s. The prime feature of our long span racking in Melbourne is its versatility that enables you to store many products of different shapes and sizes safely. It can be moved manually by following our guidelines.

Why use long span shelving:

Much like, pallet racking, long span shelving is made up of standing frames, but instead of being connected by horizontal beams, they are joined by span shelves. These racking are typically used for lighter, smaller items when pallets are not required. Our long span shelving generally is a lighter version of a standard pallet rack. It provides a similar versatility, access, and sizing as selective pallet racking, but is used when the overall capacity stored is less than light-duty pallet rack standards. It also is most common for loose pick, carts, and small-item storage. It can also be assembled to form shelf supported structures that can maximize vertical storage.

What are the benefits of long span shelving?

At ReadyRack, we have experienced a team of specialists that work for creating excellent quality warehouse storage and handling solutions. Our long span shelving system in Melbourne incorporates a wide range of frame and beams of different sizes. As an expert in material handling products, we understand how important the long span shelving is for any unit. We make it simple to customize an installation that meets your exact needs. A bolt free lock-in system ensures that once the support beams have been placed at the proper place will keep it intact. It comes in various depths, widths, and heights. It will improve the safety of all adequate access. There are many benefits to long-span Shelving, some of which we have already covered, as well as the list below:

i) Fast and easy to assemble

ii) It is versatile and allows immediate access to all loads

iii) Long span Shelving makes excellent use of available space

iv) Custom designed to meet your storage needs

v) Unique system for manually storing small to medium-size products

vii) Versatile allows immediate access to all unit loads and is easily assembled

viii) Fast and easy to assemble

What are the long span racking product ranges you get?

At ReadyRack, you can find a wide range of long span shelving to choose from, and sometimes it is also denoted to as wide-span shelving a well. All our products are highly reliable, durable, and high-capacity storage solutions. It is also the preferred choice for many industries and well suited for the practical storage of hand-loaded items in warehouses, factories, workshops, and large stockrooms. We produce a variety of long span shelving with numerous sizes and shelf thicknesses to choose from in our range. Take your time to browse through our hundreds of long span shelving range on our website. You can find the precise long span racking that best suits your industrial needs.

i) Long Span Shelving Frames- 2000mm x 400mm to 3000mm x 900 mm (height x width in mm)

ii) Long Span Shelving Beam– 1000mm to 2400mm9 (length in mm)

iii) Long Span Shelves -1000mm x450mm to 24000 x 900mm (length x width in mm) with 18mm sturdy particle board

Why ReadyRack Storage Solutions

If you think that long span Shelving is the answer to your storage solution. Our experts are ready to discuss and find better storage options for you. We have been creating shelving and storage product handling solutions for several years. We provide only the best products in the industry to meet your needs. As specialist pallet racking suppliers, we have been answering warehouse storage solutions for many decades. If you are unsure of which long span shelving option will benefit your business the most, chat to us on our contact number today!

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