Longspan shelving offers a strong and durable storage solution in a range of areas

Long Span Shelving

Don’t know how to organize your storage? Did you need help and advice designing your new warehouse layout? Proper store organization and layout planning can help you to utilize every possible space in your warehouse and increasing the efficiency of the working personnel also. The racking system accommodates heavy loads whilst it’s stylish design suits offices, cold storage and warehouses and much more. When it comes to storing hand loaded heavy or bulky items, it’s hard to beat Long span Shelving System. This is also known as Wide span. Long span Shelving System is proved to be a heavy duty shelving alternative that offers you flexibility, easy to access the products and can be customized as per the stock range.

Shelving Systems –
Long span Shelving System is designed for offices, workshops, factories, and warehouses where goods are arranged and removed manually from shelves. The shelving systems also make optimal use of warehouse including the heights. Here are some advantages of Shelving Systems as follows.
• Allow you storing medium to heavy loads.
• An ideal option for different article types and split turnover.
• Adjustable loads levels.
• Racks up to 20 m high can be built.
• Allows maximum movement of trucks and workers

Office & Archive Shelving –
Documentation storage and files is an important part of every business, library, or public sector department. It often requires a high-density Long span Shelving solution to increase the storage capacity so that the archived files, documents, books, and journals need to be easily accessible, well indexed and can be retrieved when required. Using the appropriate Long span Shelving system is the key to maximizing all of your available space.

Industrial Shelving Specialists –
Long span Shelving available as part of industrial shelving range designed not only to offer a strong, sturdy and safe storage solution but also maintenance free. Once installed, the industrial shelving system will be equipped to withstand at its best for many years. This inventory system is extremely flexible and adaptable, as per the storage requirement changes. It also ensures that employees are able to quickly locate the right box for their needs.

Heavy Duty Long span Shelving –
Long span Shelving racking is the ideal heavy duty racking system for the practical storage of hand loaded items in warehouses, factories, workshops and large stockrooms. Being available in a diverse range of sizes, long span shelves can be supplied in configurations to fit into just about any storage space which improves the strength and performance that supports evenly same as capacities as the beams.

With adjustable shelves of recessed mesh, adjustable feet for variations in floor levels, and food grade plating, these shelving units can be easily adapted to your storage requirements in the warehouse, cold room, shopping malls, restaurants and in fact to an industry where space needs a management.

Ready Rack offers modular design Long span Shelving that provides the maximum storage capacity, no matter what space is available. We have a diverse product offering and a wealth of experience in the racking system including the Long span Shelving at a unique price. Safety and Durability are always our Top priorities. We stick to this principle by offering only the best quality materials with the perfect design to ensure the durability of safety and maximize the efficiency for many years. Find the best answer for your shelving need by calling our number at Phone: 1300 307 229, Email: info@readyrack.net.au

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