Understanding Capacities of Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking

Ever wonder how much those heavy-duty cantilever racks can handle?  

You're definitely not the only one. In the bustling world of large scale warehouses, having a realistic understanding your rack's operating capacities isn't just a nice-to-have. It's a crucial part of warehouse capacity management and planning. How can these robust racks transform your storage game? Let’s find out. 

Understanding Cantilever Racking Systems 

Properly set up cantilever racking setups are a game-changer for storing long, bulky or awkwardly shaped items like timber, pipes and furniture.  

What makes cantilever racking different from other storage options? The secret is in the design.  

Cantilever racks are free of front columns, which means you can access your items easily and quickly. This design allows for storing varied item lengths with ease, making these racks incredibly versatile. 

Types of Cantilever Racks: From Light to Heavy Duty 

Cantilever racks come in various lengths: 

  • Light Duty Racks: Perfect for lighter items that staff can manually load. These are great for plastic tubing or light metal bars. 
  • Medium Duty Racks: These step it up a notch, able to handle more weight and longer items, suitable for things like automotive parts or smaller lumber. They’re the middle ground for warehouses that need robust support but not the full capacity of heavy duty options.  
  • Heavy Duty Racks: Designed for the heaviest items you might need to store, heavy duty cantilever racks are built with thicker steel and can support significant weight per arm. They’re ideal for industrial settings and are the backbone for items like steel bars or large timber. 

If you have large and bulky items to store, heavy duty racks have the highest capacity and durability. 

Why Choose Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks? 

When it comes to heavy duty cantilever racks, it’s all about capacity and durability. These racks are crafted to bear the brunt of your heaviest loads without buckling under pressure.  

Thanks to their robust construction, they can safely hold everything from massive steel bars to hefty pipes. 


If you operate in an industry where heavy and bulky items are the norm, investing in heavy duty racks is a smart move to maximise your vertical storage space and keep your warehouse tidy and organised.  


Understanding Capacities and Safety of Heavy Duty Racks 

It’s crucial to match your needs with the right specifications.  

Heavy duty racks are designed to be accessed with forklifts and other heavy machinery, making them perfect for high-volume storage and high-turnover settings.  

These are a bigger investment, but pay off by providing the durability needed to handle intensive use and the capacity to keep large items off the floor and out of the way. 


How Much Weight Can a Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack Hold? 

Getting a grip on how much weight can be held is key - not only for setting up your space wisely but also for keeping things safe and sound. 

The capacity isn’t just a number. It’s about ensuring that your racks can handle the load without stress. Here’s how it breaks down: 

  • Arm Length and Capacity: The longer the arm, the more space for your items, but there’s a trade-off with weight capacity. Shorter arms can typically handle heavier weights. For instance, a 900mm arm can safely support up to 1500kg, while a 1200mm arm might hold up to 1000kg. It’s all about finding the right balance based on what you’re storing. 
  • Practical Example: Suppose you need to store packs of steel tubes, each pack weighing 800kg and measuring 400mm deep by 400mm high. Planning to store four packs per level, totalling 3200kg, you’d opt for 900mm deep arms. The layout would involve placing three columns, spaced 1500mm apart, ensuring each arm supports the weight without risking overloading.  

This setup maximises and maintains safety, crucial for effective warehouse management. 


Safety and Maintenance Tips 

Safety is a vital part of your daily operations.  

Ensuring that your heavy duty cantilever racks are well-maintained and compliant with safety standards not only protects your products and staff but also enhances the efficiency of your warehouse. 

Here are a few tips: 

  • Regular Inspections: Make it a routine to check for signs of wear or damage. Look out for bending or warping in the arms, check the base and uprights for stability, and ensure all connections are secure. 
  • Compliance with Standards: In Australia, heavy duty racking must comply with AS4084 standard, which cover steel storage racking. Adhering to these standards helps prevent accidents and boost the longevity of your racking systems.  

By staying diligent with maintenance and safety practices, you’ll keep your racks performing well and safe for years to come.  


Understanding and Maximising Load Distribution 

Loading your cantilever racks correctly is as crucial as choosing the right one.  Here’s how you can ensure optimal load distribution: 

  • Even Weight Distribution: Always aim to distribute weight evenly across the arms. This prevents structural strain and maintains the integrity of your racks. 
  • Proper Load Balancing: Avoid overloading one side of a cantilever rack. An unbalanced load can lead to tipping or collapsing, which can be dangerous and costly. 
  • Use of Vertical Space: Heavy duty cantilever racks are designed to maximise vertical storage, allowing you to free up your floor space for other operations. Properly utilising this space ensures you get the most out of your investment. 

Mastering these loading techniques will help you enhance density and operational efficiency, crucial for keeping pace with the demands of a growing business. 


Ensure Your Warehouse is Safe and Efficient 

Worried about how well your heavy-duty cantilever racks are holding up? Let's make sure they're doing their job perfectly. At ReadyRack, our team of experts specialises in not only ensuring your racking system meets all safety standards but also in optimising it for peak efficiency. 

Explore on our site the wide selection of top-quality, fully compliant cantilever racks designed for serious loads. If you need help? Just give us a call at 1300 307 229 for personalised advice on maintaining and enhancing your setup. We're here to help you make the most out of your space—safely and efficiently. 

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