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Cantilever Racking Melbourne

Cantilever racking is an essential solution for loads of all sizes that may otherwise be difficult to store. ReadyRack has the solution for hefty and odd sized products, so that they can be easily stored and accessed. This type of cantilever racking allows you to use your warehouse space more efficiently,­ so you'll never need to clutter floor areas with annoying columns obstructing your storage space again.

These systems can be easily integrated into your existing facility by adjusting the height, ensuring that the most amount of vertical storage space is exploited. The open rows allow for secure load support and also provide easy access, safety and flexibility when accessing inventory and materials.

ReadyRack heavy duty cantilever racking in Melbourne has quickly become the 1st choice for leading businesses across Australia.

High Quality Cantilever Shelving

The advantages of cantilever pallet racking systems are endless. From higher weight-loads to customisable layouts, explore the benefits of ReadyRack’s cantilever racking system. 

With zero obstructions: Enjoy easy loading and unloading with nothing blocking access from the front of shelving units. 

Complete customisation: Create the system that's perfect for your business. Our racking systems have adjustable height and can be transformed for any product size or inventory level, and easily integrated into existing storage systems. 

Higher durability: Our tilt locking system allows arms to be knocked from underneath without them breaking for safety and improved durability.


Frequently Asked Questions About Cantilever Racking in Melbourne

Q: What are cantilever racks? 

A: Cantilever racks are one of the most deployed racking systems that are ideal for storing furniture, steel bars, pipes and tubing, lumber and odd-sized products. For heavy items that must be kept off the floor, cantilever racks are the perfect solution.


Q: What is the cost for new installation of cantilever racking in Melbourne? 

A: The cost of a new cantilever system will depend on the size of your facility and the scope of your required storage solution. The larger the amount of inventory and materials being stored, the greater the cost of implementing a new system will be. When you choose ReadyRack, a member of our dedicated team will evaluate your current system and recommend the best product options for you.


Q: Why would I use Cantilever Racking? 

A: It’s the ability of cantilever racking to handle huge weights and odd-sized products such as lengths of timber, steel tubing, or lengths of drainpipe, which makes it ideal for some storage applications. When you contact our team, we can suggest the best product offering for your desired storage needs.


New & Used Cantilever Racking

New and used cantilever shelves provide a convenient solution for storing bulky, awkward, or irregular shaped items that are difficult to place in conventional shelving systems. 

Our gently used racking systems are ideal for those with smaller budgets, or those looking to outfit only a portion of their facility. We stock a wide selection of gently used racking systems that still uphold our standard of quality. 

For more information, visit our gently used pallet racking systems page.


Contact the Experts in Cantilever Storage Racks

For more information on any of our products or to find out which of our products is best for you, contact us today. We work directly with our customers to create storage systems that last, no matter what size, layout or budget you may have.