Retail Store Shelving Systems

Retail store shelving systems are the foundation of any well-equipped storefront. Whether you’re looking for a fully designed shelving system to display your entire collection of inventory, or only a few select products on a single shelving unit in your storefront, ReadyRack has an extensive selection of durable and long-lasting storage solutions.


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The Best Retail Shelving in Melbourne

Our products are designed with high-quality materials and can be customised to the needs of your retail location. With single shelf, double and triple shelf options, we have a solution that's guaranteed to work, no matter what your retail space requires. Our shelving can be reconfigured and added on to as your retail needs change providing you with a long-lasting storage solution that grows as you do.

Frequently Asked Questions about Retail Store Shelving Systems

What are the best racks for shop displays?

Our long span shelving comes in various heights and depths making it ideal for shop displays with several products. Depending on the size of your retail location, larger shelves will allow for more items to be displayed. For smaller inventory items, our shelving with built in tubs allows customers easy access to small parts.

Is retail display shelving necessary?

While not necessary, retail display shelving can help you prominently display your best items for your customers to browse. Conversely, display racks can also help to bring attention to items that can commonly be missed by customers which can help drive your sales. We offer racks that are easy to move so you can reconfigure the design of your storefront as many times as you need.

How to use display racks for retail stores

Before ordering, take note of which products you want to display and the number of shelves you can fit into your retail space. You can then begin to organise the layout of your shelves. Customers will be drawn to items at their eye-level meaning you may want to feature products that customers commonly look for, or products that need help to be noticed. Larger items can be displayed on lower shelves to prevent accidents and extra inventory can be stored on top shelves, out of sight from your customers.

For more information on any of our products, contact us at (1300 307 229) or email to connect with one of our customer care experts.