New vs Used Pallet Racking System – A Brief Comparison

Second Hand Pallet Racking

Pallet racks are the lifeline or we can say the backbone of any warehouse operation and no warehouse manager will deny to that. We at Readyrack being in this business for years now understand that pallet rack systems are an integral part of any warehouse and is responsible for easy product accessibility, acceptable material handling as well as efficient order fulfillment which in return keeps your organization profitable.

If you feel that you need to cut down your budget and spend less on the warehouses then we suggest you to go for an economical used pallet racking system. But before that make sure to consider the geographical region you are in along with the long term plans and also the potential of any additional costs and repairs down the line.

To make you decide between new and used pallet racking system we are providing you the pros and cons of both the new as well as used pallet racking system below. Have a look at the comparison and decide which one suits your preference and budget well!

Pros of Used Pallet Racking

The smaller warehouse operations that require basic components such as upright beams and frames for vertical storage, people often get a steal on these essential parts and pieces. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the warehouse closures and operations when looking for downsize. And at such point used pallet racking system helps you get great discounts.

Used pallet racking systems are also useful as an inexpensive temporary stopgap when you are planning for relocation or expansion of your warehouse operations.

Note: While buying used pallet racking system make sure to have a check on its condition to ensure that it has not been compromised in any terms. Ask regarding its age, any trauma it sustained and the region of the country it was used.

Cons of Used Pallet Racking

When you buy a used pallet racking system you will never get a full guarantee on its long term durability. Instead you will need to build add to the budget for any further maintenance costs or unexpected service claims for repairing any hidden damage in the rack.

Used pallet racking systems can also be the reason for any inadvertent out of compliance with some steel racking design specifications. Also, you might need to take a look at the your local building and fire codes for ensuring that they meet up to all the current ratings that include the ones in reference to toxic paints. An out of compliance can lead to difficulty in getting up to code when the manufacturer has gone out of business or the product line has been discontinued.

In addition to that there are stricter requirements in the case of an increased seismic activity. And this cannot be done without the help of a good consultant. And hence there will be testing and consulting fees that can hamper your budget in a great way.

Pros of New Pallet Racking Systems

When you buy a new pallet racking system you get full guarantee on it. The guarantee will include dealing with lead free and non-toxic paint substances that are chip resistant and hence are less likely to get damaged.

New pallet racking systems also help you in dealing with complex warehouse operations.

Improved processes or specialty applications can be best accomplished through new pallet rack systems.

Cons of New Pallet Racking Systems

A new pallet racking system requires a great deal of customization. For an example if you are planning an expansion of your warehouse space then you will have to ensure that the add-ons and extensions fit well to the space.

Bottom Line –

For complex and long term warehouse operations and needs new pallet racking systems are the best bet. However, if you are in search of a temporary and straightforward solution then used pallet racking systems will provide you significant savings on the cost.

We at Readyrack carry a limited amount of used pallet racking in Melbourne. If you are looking for a temporary warehouse racking solution and cut down your budget then go for our used pallet racking in Melbourne. You can check out our stock list at our website. Also you can contact us for further details at 1300 307 229 or email us at info@readyrack.net.au

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