Why Do I Need To Install Longspan Shelving in My Warehouse

Pallet Racking Long Span

Large volumes of merchandises are delivered to warehouses or manufacturing facilities every day. It’s essential to make sure that these stuffs are appropriately stored to maintain their shape & quality. Choosing the most suitable shelving system is the first rule of right storage. It doesn’t just impose product quality maintenance but makes whole operations safer & more convenient as well. And one of the most effective and versatile storage systems accessible these days is the long span shelving.

Let’s talk about the several reasons why warehouses or manufacturing units these days want to invest on long span shelving as their ultimate storage option

They are strong but light in weight:

Long span shelving is made of tensile, 24-gauge steel and is light in weight but strong; this makes shelving units simpler to move without forfeiting strength. It can usually hold up to 2400 pounds per shelf & feature a baked enamel finish so that the possibilities of rust, chipping or other types of wear are lessened.

Adjustable height:

Most long span shelving units don’t employ bolts so the user can adjust them for height quickly & easily. Rather, they use rivets or pins which make the shelving to be customized to suit any storage requirements. Moreover, you can use long span shelving with lower-level pallet racking applications, as a stand-alone unit, or for high & low rise applications for order picking.

They are versatile enough to keep goods of just about any size:

From small pieces to the bulkiest iron boxes, long span shelving can easily accommodate a wide range of parts & merchandises. You can customize the size, weight and height of your long span shelving as per your storage needs.

They let you “go vertical”:

Uniformed construction means that one can assemble multi tired storage to make the most efficient use of their space.

Durable, versatile and continually reusable, long span shelving is an essential & important part of warehouse or high volume storage shelving. At ReadyRack, we offer high quality Long Span Shelving in Melbourne that is perfect for your warehouse storage needs. Simple to install, no tools needed our long span shelving systems offer your merchandises the safest storage solutions they deserve.  Call us now to get a free quote!

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