Cantilever Racking Melbourne – Its Application and Advantage!

Cantilever Racking Melbourne – Its Application and Advantage!

Cantilever racking is the most cost-effective warehouse option for warehouses in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and across Australia that is ideal for storing items and materials that are bulky, long, and irregular shaped, including plastic tubing, wooden planks, steel pipes, and more.

At ReadyRack Storage Solutions, our cantilever racking Melbourne is the best choice if you are interested in planning for business growth and change. We are the leading provider of cantilever storage racks Melbourne and ensure the prevention of every structural or product damage. Our heavy-duty cantilever racking system is capable of withstanding everyday stress.

This is the reason, why industrial leaders choose to implement cantilever racking systems. Melbourne industrial sites can benefit greatly from pallet or cantilever racking, maintaining speed and safety on their premises.

Cantilever racking Melbourne is ideal for storing different types of items and materials, and offer several uses and advantages that regular shelving is hard-pressed to provide.

If you are wondering how cantilever racking Melbourne can benefit your facility, here are a few more reasons why cantilever racking is the best storage solution for your business!

Easy to install and configure – Unlike traditional racking systems, a cantilever system comprises two side arms and an I-beam placed over the arms with no shelf. It does not require any external bracing and can be installed and uninstalled immediately saving time and labour associated with handling costs.

Enhances safety – Cantilever racking Melbourne enhances warehouse safety in various ways. It eliminates tripping hazards by getting off the floor and minimizes injury risk associated with manoeuvring products in small spaces and bumping into people.

Best use of available storage space – Materials like tapestries, lumber can take up space when stored on the floor. However, cantilever racking allows you to free up your floor space and store these items in bulk in an organized manner. The racks make use of vertical spaces, allowing you to store ample products and retrieve them easily as well.

Long-lasting – Cantilever racking has a powder coating finish which makes them very tough and user-friendly under hard working conditions. One can choose from medium or heavy-duty cantilever racks depending on the storage requirements. What’s more? It does not require difficult manoeuvring. Lightweight loads can be handled manually or by the means of trucks or forklifts.

The Uses of Heavy-Duty Cantilever Rack Systems

With endless possibilities, here we will cite a few applications for beginners. Here are some of the materials that these racks can serve as a great display and storage solution.

Metal: You can use them as industrial shelving units for metal materials. These can be metal sheets or pipes, tubing, and bars.

Building Materials: They make excellent warehouse shelving for materials like drywall and lumber. These can store beams, store poles, and other odd-shaped and long materials.

Carpeting: They are the best display and storage units for rugs and carpet rolls. It helps keep debris, dust, and dirt away from rugs’ and carpets’ sensitive fabric.

There you have it, all the applications and benefits of cantilever racking Melbourne. With these storage solutions, you can now accommodate more products or organize your existing warehouse. This will ultimately lead to increased productivity and higher profits.

Feel free to buy a cantilever rack system from Ready Rack Storage Solutions today!