The Advantages of Narrow-Aisle Pallet Racking

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Narrow aisle racking is an excellent solution for those storage units or store owners looking to add more storage space to their warehouse. You can reduce unnecessary aisle space by adding it to your storage units. The narrow-aisle pallet racking we provide in Melbourne is an excellent way to make more room for more racks. It also enables you to set up the high-density storage space using the existing floor area and roof height.

We provide the highest grade narrow-aisle pallet racking for our clients in Melbourne. The narrow aisle racking option we provide could be a significant cost-saving as compared to another storage system. Apart from that, it will allow you to utilize the entire space utilization in terms of height. It will enhance your storage capacity or annual turnover up to 50% more than traditional pallet racking systems. Our narrow aisle pallet racking in Melbourne is an effective alternative to multi-storage racking! It can be installed even at heights up to 30′ or beyond and remain free to stand in your warehouse.

What is narrow aisle racking?

Most storage units want to make the best use of their existing space and keep more stocks per square foot in their warehouse or distribution centre. They like to add such a storage configuration as it allows them to store more goods and materials. Using narrow aisle racking can be a way to maximize the storage capacity, which is more than standard storage capacity. Standard pallet racking aisles are coming with an average size of at least 12 feet or even more than that. Our narrow aisle racking is spaced between 8′ to 10 feet wide, and based on the requirement. We can design it with 5.5′ to 6 feet wide aisles as well. Although it is narrow, it can store even up to 50% more stocks in the same aisle pallet racking footprint. It is an excellent storage solution when the store owner or warehouse managers face the challenge of improving storage efficiency and decreasing the price per. You can add it to your store if you wish to improve or renovate the existing storage facility. Many warehouse managers prefer narrow or narrow aisle racking storage solutions to use their existing or new storage space in an efficient way as possible. The reasons how our narrow aisle racking takes your warehouse or storage facility to the next level:

i)Enhance the space utilization by adding more pallets in less space

ii)Less cost per square foot or pallet

iii)Eliminate offsite storage

iv)Expand within the storage complex and no need to extend the warehouse facility

v)Better movement of stocks

vi)Easy access to all pallet positions

vii)Limited pallet rack damage

viii)Improved forklift performance

What is VNA racking?

VNA racking is very narrow aisle pallet racking that is widely used in storage facilities. It is a kind of standard pallet racking system but compacted into a minimal area. It will enhance the density of your storage system but can be installed in very small sizes. Increasing the storage capacity by adding the VNA racking configuration is wise as it never requires any storage space expansion. The system’s compaction is mainly generated by narrowing the work aisles in our VNA racking system that were reduced up to 1.5 meters in width. Hence it can save up to 40% of your existing space and enhance the capacity to keep more products or stocks. Preparing & designing a practical layout for VNA racking installation leads to the best use of space and simplifies supplies’ movement. We will not only make it compact but remains flexible for longer. You can extend the racking system’s height and depth since the racking height and depth depend on the customer’s storage needs. It also allows excellent use of the height available in the warehouse. It is adjustable, adaptable with the load levels based on the weight and volume of goods to be stored.

What will be the space do you need between pallet racks?

Pallet racks structures are designed to be self-sufficient and freestanding. The aisle components like columns, beams, pallets, etc., are typically designed to support neighbouring networks’ loads. You need proper planning before installing the narrow-aisle pallet racking in Melbourne. Adequate planning will generate the storage space area to its maximum level and generate sufficient space to use the VNA forklift. It’s a little bit difficult to know the aisle dimensions. But it has a significant role before you select a forklift that can work efficiently in your storage environment. Taking time to consult the thing with our engineers will save you valuable time and budget. We also help you eliminate the headache of purchasing a forklift that works best in your storage space. We guide you select the right narrow-aisle pallet racking for your warehouse in Melbourne. Before that, we consider the column position, utilities, and other obstructions that may affect your layout. Also, we take into account the factors that prevent you from optimizing the number of pallets available. We recommend the aisle widths of approximately 13 to 13.5 feet for handling the stocks in a standard 48 feet long narrow-aisle pallet racking. The aisle area can be as narrow as 8.5-9 feet wide if you wish to use a pantograph forklift or aisle reach trucks for handling the stocks. If you use Turret or swing-mast narrow aisle forklifts, the required aisle width can be approximately 6 feet with our standard 48 feet narrow-aisle pallet racking in Melbourne.

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