Everything You Need To Know About Drive In Racking Systems

Drive In Pallet Racking

The drive in racking system is a high density storage solution that helps you in maximizing the accessible space & elevation in the warehouse by decreasing the forklift operating aisles. It’s in fact the most favored & widespread pallet storage unit when you’ve to store standardized products with a large number of pallets of the same reference.

What are the different types of drive-in racking?

There are two types of drive-in racking:

i) Single entry racks encompass racks that have forklift accesses to one side only.

ii) Double entry racks encompass racks where forklifts can access both sides of the racking structure.

What are the ideal uses of drive in racking system?

i) If you’ve delicate product loads which can’t be kept in block stacks.

ii) If you’ve products that require cold or freezer storage type.

iii) If you’ve large volumes of identical products and a constrained space then drive-in racking systems are perhaps your best bet when it comes to storage.

What are the potential benefits of drive-in racking unit?

i) Cold or freezer storage can get costly henceforth companies will wish to store as many products in a limited space as possible.

ii) If you’ve innumerable pallets of an identical product, drive in racking unit creates more proficient use of space in a warehouse instead of a selective type racking where there’re several aisles with spaces in between to account for access of a forklift.

iii) Better control over entry & exit

iv) A wide range of heights & depths to meet any storage need.

Drive-in Rack Consideration:

Drive-in rack design needs an in-depth inside of the products to be kept & their lifespan. This assures that they’ll be regularly employed in the right order to avoid expiry & obsolescence. Besides, drive in racking unit require a meticulous knowledge about the load ability of the forklifts, racks, and other materials handling equipment.

Improve your warehouse space with high-quality drive in racking system:

Drive in racking systems from ReadyRack  Storage Solutions are perfect for warehouses that carry large quantities of fewer products. They’re also excellent for items that are usually not time sensitive.  They can make the most of your storage area to store stock anywhere from 2-10 pallets deep. Most importantly they decrease the amount of access aisles, which means you can increase the capacity of your warehouse.

We can supply & install top-quality drive in racking throughout Australia. Feel free to call us on 1300 307 229.