Your Guide to Drive In Racking Systems

Drive In Pallet Racking

Drive in racking systems are a high density storage solution that helps you in maximising the accessible space and elevation in your warehouse by decreasing the forklift operating aisles. When you need to store standardised products with a large number of pallets in the same reference, drive in racking systems may be ideal for you.

What are the different types of drive-in racking?

There are two types of drive-in racking: 

i) Single entry racks that have forklift accesses to one side only. 
ii) Double entry racks where forklifts can access both sides of the racking structure. 

What are the ideal uses of drive in racking system?

Wondering if drive in pallet racking is ideal for your business? Check out these common reasons why they may work for you: 

i) If you have delicate product loads which can’t be kept in block stacks. 
ii) If you have products that require cold or freezer storage type. 

iii) If you have large volumes of identical products and a constrained space.

What are the potential benefits of drive-in racking unit?

Explore these benefits of drive in racking units: 

i) Cold or freezer storage

Freezer and cool room storage can be costly meaning businesses want to store as much product as possible in limited spaces. Drive in racking systems allow you to maximise the amount of inventory available to store in cool rooms.

ii) Identical products

If you’ve got large amounts of similar inventory that don’t require their own points of access, drive in storage could be right for you. If you don’t require individual access to each aisle, drive in pallet racking can save you space and reduce the points of inventory access.  

iii) Greater control

Drive in pallet racking allows you to control your entry and exit points meaning you can customise your warehouse to best suit your business.

Improve your warehouse space with a high-quality drive in racking system

Drive in racking systems from ReadyRack are perfect for warehouses that carry large quantities of fewer products. They’re also excellent for items that are usually not time sensitive. Maximise your warehouse capacity by storing stock anywhere from two to ten pallets deep.  Most importantly they decrease the amount of access aisles, which means you can increase the capacity of your warehouse. 

We can supply and install top-quality drive in racking throughout Australia. For more information on any of our products, or to see how your business can benefit from drive in racking, contact us today.

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