Mezzanine Flooring Options: Rack Supported Vs. Clear Span

Mezzanine Flooring Options: Rack Supported Vs. Clear Span

In a world where business space is at an all-time high, more and more businesses are turning to solutions such as mezzanine floors to maximise their available space, without having to relocate. Mezzanine floors work to add additional floor space by utilising high clearance that would typically be unusable. 


At ReadyRack, we’re one of the leading suppliers of mezzanine floors to businesses across Melbourne and the surrounding area. We stock several mezzanine flooring options including rack-supported floors and clear-span floors, each of which is completely customisable.  Mezzanine floor material, design, fit out and more can be designed according to your unique business needs. 


Comparing Mezzanine Flooring Options

While both rack-supported and clear-span floors share the same concept and structure, each is unique in its own way. If you’re wondering which mezzanine flooring option is right for your business, we compare them below. 


Rack-Supported Mezzanine Floors

For businesses looking for the ultimate storage system and those who can benefit from extra storage, rack-supported floors are worth considering. Unlike clear-space floors, these floors comprise pallet racking underneath the mezzanine floor supports. These pallet racks allow you to store additional inventory, tools and machinery in an area that would once have been cleared. 


Clear-Span Mezzanine Floors

For businesses with areas of increased traffic, clear-span mezzanine flooring allows movement underneath the mezzanine flooring. This is ideal for businesses that have an active workspace under the area they want to utilize or for businesses with fewer storage requirements. This type of flooring has less impact on the flow and design of your existing space.


Frequently Asked Questions About Mezzanine Floors


Do I need building regulations for a mezzanine floor?

As mezzanine floors are a significant alteration to your existing business floor plan, they do require planning permission and proper permits prior to installation. These permits ensure your new structure is compliant with local building codes and that your registered floorplan is accurate and up to date.

Do structural mezzanine floors add value?

As a mezzanine can be completely dismantled, the value they add to your business space is dependent on the purchasing party. While your new buyers may request the floor be included which would increase the value of your space, it’s also possible that you can take your floor to your new business location in the event the buyers aren’t interested. 


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For more information on any of our mezzanine flooring options, or to find out more about our other range of products, contact us today. 

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