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Heavy Duty Shelving Starter Bay 2438mm High with Mesh

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Introducing our Heavy Duty Shelving Starter Bay, the ultimate solution for efficient and organised storage in industrial environments. Made from Pallet Racking with a height of 2438mm, this rugged and robust shelving system is designed to withstand heavy loads, making it perfect for warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturing facilities.

Constructed from high-quality steel, this starter bay provides exceptional durability and stability. The included mesh decks add an extra layer of versatility by allowing air circulation and preventing the accumulation of dust and debris. This ensures that your stored items remain clean and well-maintained.

The Heavy Duty Shelving Pallet Racking Starter Bay is straightforward to assemble and adjust to suit your specific storage needs. The modular design enables seamless expansion and customisation as your inventory grows. Each bay can hold multiple pallets, maximising vertical space utilisation and increasing your storage capacity.

Whether you need to store heavy equipment, bulk items, or large quantities of inventory, our Heavy Duty Shelving Pallet Racking Starter Bay provides the strength and reliability you can depend on. Invest in this superior storage solution and experience the convenience of an organised workspace that enhances productivity and optimises your operational efficiency.

2 x Frames: Each galvanised frame measures 2438mm x 840mm, comes fully assembled and dexion compatible, ready to be installed. These sturdy frames provide the foundation for your pallet racking system, ensuring stability and durability.

Includes Uprights, Bracing, Nuts and bolts, Base Plates, Leveling Plates, and Screw Bolt Floor Fixings.


8 x Beams: Measuring 2591mm x 63mm, each with two safety clips. These beams are designed to support your pallets or items and provide maximum weight-bearing capacity. With eight beams included, you'll have ample support for your storage needs.


8 x Mesh Decks: Our 4 bar Mesh deck, designed to fit standard pallet racking measuring 1250mm x 840mm. With a UDL rating of 1000 kg, our Mesh deck provides reliable and sturdy support for your products. Made from galvanised steel, it is durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. The 4 bar design ensures maximum airflow and visibility, making it ideal for storing and organising various products.


  • Dimensions: 2591mm x 63mm
  • Load Capacity: Supports up to 917kg uniformly distributed load (UDL)
  • Pitch: 76.2mm
  • Connector Lugs: Equipped with 76.2mm pitch connector lugs for secure assembly


  • Material: Constructed from durable galvanized steel
  • Load Capacity: Each frame can hold a maximum weight of 10000KG per side, with a uniform load
  • Maximum Beam Height: Bottom beam should not exceed 1800mm for optimal stability

Mesh Decking:

  • 1250mm x 840mm. UDL rating of 1000Kgs 
  • 4 bar, made from galvanised steel


Please note that these specifications are subject to standard manufacturing tolerances.

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